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When I started my business, it sucked to feel so unknown. I was putting out great content, but I was not being seen or heard at the scale I wanted to be.

And to be honest, I was also not making the money I wanted to make because of that.

I needed to get in front of more people, grow my email list, and start selling like a boss.

So I started doing webinars!

Webinars are the most scalable, profitable and fun thing you can do for your business.

Now, I have raving fans who tell their friends about my products and content for me.

I have a network of amazing, influential friends and collaborators.

My blog, my brand, and my business have taken off - all thanks to a strategic webinar strategy.


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Webinars completely changed my business. In just a few months, my email list, revenue, and blog traffic doubled and then doubled again.

In a single month, webinars helped me earn 5-figures in revenue and gain thousands of new email subscribers! Plus, I was building meaningful relationships with influencers and bloggers in my niche.

I was hooked!

6 Reasons you NEED To be doing webinars, like, yesterday:

  • Grow your email list quickly

  • You can sell with ease on a webinar and yes, pitching can be fun! You just have to know the flow of what to say when!

  • Build relationships with others in your industry. Meaning you now have relationships with the influencers, bloggers, and other top people in your niche (and are making tons of friends!)

  • You will become the go to person in your niche. When you do live events, you quickly become the most memorable person in a sea of sameness.

  • Grow your brand and stand out: everyone will recognize your brand from your irresistible webinars.

  • Incredible engagement with your audience: live chat and Q & A is an awesome way to talk to and engage your audience.

Webinars are more effective than blogging, guest posting, or any other "tactics" you may have tried before.

Want to make revenue in days not months? Webinars.

Want to grow your audience quickly while having fun? Webinars.

If you are tired of waiting around for your audience to grow, or your brand to get famous, you need a webinar strategy that's easy to follow.

And honestly? Doing webinars makes me feel like a rockstar in my business.

I want you to be a rockstar in your business.

That's why I created Webinar Rockstar®.

What are you waiting for? You could be having your first successful webinar in the next 14 days when you use these simple templates and scripts!

Are you ready to be seen?

You know you should be doing webinars - but you are feeling nervous, intimidated, overwhelmed by the tech side of it, and the pitching seems kind of scary too!

You know the top performers and entrepreneurs are using this medium - but you figure it’s complicated, expensive or you’re not ready. You figure you should “wait until you’re more established”.

That’s why Webinar Rockstar® gives you the tech training, the confidence, and the perfect pitch script outline so you can do webinars like a pro.

You are ready. Right now.

No more waiting for the "perfect time!".

Tonya Raplye's Webinar Rockstar Testimonial


“I’ve grown my list by at least 700 since taking Webinar Rockstar last month.”

- Tonya Rapley, myfabfinance.com

Carolina's Guzik's Webinar Rockstar Testimonial


“This class is worth every single penny!”

- Carolina Guzik, CarolinaGuzik.com

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I used to think that the idea of having an audience of raving fans was not possible for me. Those evangelical, frenzied, tell all their friends about you and your business fans. I figured that only happened to special people.

You know what I mean - the type of audience that buys every single product you release, selling out your programs in hours, your die-hard fans literally doing your marketing for you.

Do you know how to build an audience like that?


The only problem?

Figuring all this stuff out isn't exactly straightforward.

The tech stuff, the marketing, the promotion, the transition from training to pitching - it can be overwhelming.

I know when I decided to do my first webinar, I could not find a single good resource detailing all of the things I've figured out. I was so frustrated, I spent months perfecting this process and honing my webinar craft, and building the perfect resource for you.

christina root.jpg

“I had around 60 people there live last night. NO tech issues and I made 7 sales last night! I'm so excited! I mostly just wanted to survive and not have it all fall apart. Not only did it not fall apart, but it was awesome.

- Christina Root, Organize Your Biz

Kendra Hennessy Webinar Rockstar Testimonial.png

“I did my most successful joint webinar recently and we had a checkout page. That was it. Honestly, it hadn't even dawned on us to make a sales page for our bundle. Both myself and my partner on that webinar are students of yours and used your webinar tricks and strategies to make this a highly profitable endeavor.

- Kendra Hennessy, Mother Like a Boss


Webinar Rockstar® is NOT JUST A COURSE…

We show you exactly how to create, promote, and profit from your own webinars, and give you all the "done for you" templates to do it quickly!

This program has all the done-for-you resources, scripts, templates and tutorials you need to create and rock your webinars quickly and easily!

MODULE 1: Overview and Introduction to Webinars

  • Welcome to Webinar Rockstar: Goals and Introduction
  • The “Hockey Stick” Effect
  • How Webinars Simplify Your To-Do List
  • Webinar Case Studies
  • The Four Phases of Webinars and Course Overview

MODULE 2: Prepare for Your Webinar

  • The three essential webinar pages you need to create
  • How to come up with killer webinar topics that people love and share
  • The professional but affordable equipment you need for webinars
  • How to set up all the tech stuff, even if you're not tech-y (like me!)
  • How to get over your shyness or camera fear

MODULE 3: Promote Your Webinar

  • How to promote your webinar (includes promotional calendar & checklist)
  • The platforms you need to promote on - and exactly what to say in each medium
  • How to put your website into “webinar mode”
  • How to make sure the right people show up for your webinar (people who are ready to buy)

MODULE 4: The Profitable Pitch Webinar Structure (Your Live Webinar)

  • The "Anatomy of a Webinar" minute-by-minute outline and breakdown (includes fill-in-the-blank templates)
  • The unique way of doing webinars that is working now
  • The Profitable Pitch Script
  • Exactly what to share in your webinar content (word for word)
  • How to create an irresistible webinar offer and what bonuses to include
  • How to provide insane value to your audience while selling your products effortlessly

MODULE 5: The Post-Webinar Follow Up

  • The post-webinar email sequence that is absolutely essential
  • Exactly what to do after your webinar - this is the most critical step.
  • Includes exact scripts for each and every email

[BONUS] MODULE 6: Joint Venture and Partner Webinars

  • How to explode your list and sales with joint venture webinars
  • How to find and pitch the perfect partners and co-hosts (includes 4 pitch email scripts)
  • How to collaborate on a joint venture webinar (creating slides together, processing payments, etc)

[BONUS] MODULE 7: Repurposing and Monetizing Your Webinar Replays

  • 6 ways to repurpose your webinar replays
  • How to monetize your webinar recordings for passive income
  • How to take your webinar on “Tour” to other audiences
  • Increase your affiliate income with webinars
  • Create and sell paid webinars and live bootcamps
John Rhode's Webinar Rockstar Testimonial


“$5,459 generated from my first webinar, selling a chicken movie for crying out loud. I’m hooked!”

- Justin Rhodes, AbundantPermaculture.com

Miss B Fab's Webinar Rockstar Testimonial

“I used your scripts for pitching to a potential partner for a webinar and it totally worked! Thanks for making it so easy!”

- Miss B Fab, missbfab.com

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Payment Plan

  • 5 Core Modules + 2 Bonus Modules
  • Printable Checklists, Reference Guides, and Calendars
  • 10 “Done For You” Templates and “Fill In The Blank” Scripts
  • Professionally Designed Webinar Slides (With The Content & Pitch Already In Them)
  • Signature Webinar Slides Template

6 4 Monthly payments of




  • 5 Core Modules + 2 Bonus Modules
  • Printable Checklists, Reference Guides, and Calendars
  • 10 “Done For You” Templates and “Fill In The Blank” Scripts
  • Professionally Designed Webinar Slides (With The Content & Pitch Already In Them)
  • Signature Webinar Slides Template

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Webinar Rockstar® is a complete resource that includes done-for-you templates, scripts, and ready-to-use webinar slides. You just "Plug and Play"! Everything is 80% done for you already, you just need to fill in the details and press play.

Fill-in-the-blank webinar slides

This professionally designed slide deck includes 96 slides, already laid out in the correct order, with the content and pitch already inside, you literally just fill in the blanks with your words.

Includes both Keynote and Powerpoint formats.

Printable Checklists and Calendars

Print out handy checklists, calendars, reference documents, and cheatsheets to keep you on track and help you plan. Includes:

  • Webinar In One Week Calendar

  • Social Media Promotion Calendar

  • 6 Webinar Checklists

  • Webinar Bonus Cheatsheet

  • Webinar Script/Pitch Cheatsheet



We give you 10 fillable documents so you can just fill in the blanks. You'll get the "3 x 3" email sequence scripts for before and after your webinar, four joint venture webinar pitch scripts, registration page copy, the complete word-for-word webinar and pitch script, and many more. You can also automatically calculate your conversion rates with our Webinar Stat Tracker!

Simply download the documents and start typing into them!


Final_WR_FB group_portrait.png

BONUS: Student-Only Facebook Group 

As a special bonus, we have a student group so you can connect with and get support from your Rockstar classmates!

You’ll be able to ask questions, get feedback, and fine Joint Venture partners to do webinars with in the group.

*Please note: this group is a BONUS, not a paid part of this program, so we’ll keep it up as long as it stays fun and productive and helpful :)

“Mariah's webinar strategies have helped me make $20k in just a few months. I've used her tutorials to set up my own webinars - they're super easy to follow. Webinars have been one of the biggest factors in doubling my income over the past three months!”

- Sarah Morgan, XOSarah.com

Sarah Morgan's Webinar Rockstar Testimonial
Gilit Cooper's Webinar Rockstar Testimonial

“I did my first webinar today and I made $2000! Thank you for the support! I can’t believe this is something I can actually do!”

- Gilit Cooper, www.thebannerie.com



  • Your profitable webinar topic

  • A completed webinar presentation that engages, educates, and sells!

  • A live webinar registration page

  • A marketing plan to get people to your webinar and onto your email list

  • Checklist and calendar for the week leading up to and day of your webinar

  • Your first live webinar

It only take a few days to set up and host a successful webinar!

With all the done-for-you templates included, it doesn't take long to get started.

Let's get the internet buzzing about you and your brand.

Let's GROW your email list AND your AUDIENCE.

Let's make you a WEBINAR ROCKSTAR®.

Paul Jarvis's Webinar Rockstar Testimonial

“Mariah has webinars dialed in. She’s informative, funny, and has presenting in this medium down to a science.”

- Paul Jarvis, pjrvs.com

Ophellia McKnight's Webinar Rockstar Testimonial

“Doing my first joint venture webinar today with thanks to Webinar Rockstar® and Mariah Coz. You made this a walk in the park!”

- Ophellia McKnight, TheBridalAffair

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Get Your Backstage Pass


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Payment Plan

  • 5 Core Modules + 2 Bonus Modules
  • Printable Checklists, Reference Guides, and Calendars
  • 10 “Done For You” Templates and “Fill In The Blank” Scripts
  • Professionally Designed Webinar Slides (With The Content & Pitch Already In Them)
  • Signature Webinar Slides Template

6 4 Monthly payments of




  • 5 Core Modules + 2 Bonus Modules
  • Printable Checklists, Reference Guides, and Calendars
  • 10 “Done For You” Templates and “Fill In The Blank” Scripts
  • Professionally Designed Webinar Slides (With The Content & Pitch Already In Them)
  • Signature Webinar Slides Template

1 payment of

$997 $597




** This offer expires on when the countdown reaches zero **

“I used the Webinar Rockstar® slides in November to sell my PR services, and that ONE webinar has yielded over $60k in business since November and $21k in the 30 days following the webinar. That webinar continues to bring me business and was the most authority-building thing I did in my business - seriously! Just wanted to say THANK YOU!”

- Erika Ashley, PR Consultant

[TESTIM] Headshot - Erika Ashley (2018.12.03) (1).png
Maya Elious's Webinar Rockstar Testimonial

“Mariah helped alleviate any nerves and reservations I had about doing my first webinar. She helped me break down my presentation from introduction to pitch. I had no idea so much strategy went into a webinar, but her minute-by-minute breakdown helped me bring in $2,000 in sales for my first webinar!”

- Maya Elious, mayaelious.com


Hi, I'm Mariah.

I've been running my own online businesses for years - but I had never come across such an effective, profitable, fun way to make money until I started doing webinars.

I've been called the "webinar queen" because I've delivered more than 85 webinars to many thousands of happy attendees and much of my income comes from webinars and live trainings.

I'm on a mission to help as many people as possible become Webinar Rockstars, transform their online businesses, and have more fun with webinars and live online events! Welcome to the party!

Lindsey White's Webinar Rockstar Testimonial

“I wanted to reach out and tell you how THANKFUL I am for your Webinar Rockstar® course. I was skeptical to invest only because I wasn't quite sure if it would cover everything I needed. Hell mutha effin' yes it did! I started the course on a Monday and executed my first webinar with a pitch on that Saturday. I was worried no one would show up. To my surprise, I had just under 200 people register (WHOOP WHOOP!). The webinar went fantastic and I had a ton of interaction, which was great. 

I made a total of $1,200 in an HOUR. I made about $600 immediately. Because of the series of emails post webinar, I was able to get an additional $600 dollars in sales within the next two days.”

- Lindsey White, lot801marketing.com

“I just got off my first webinar and I'm so glad I did it! I used the webinar slide template and it was SO useful. It gave the whole thing so much structure, I would have been all over the place without it. I pitched my top level brand + Squarespace design service at the end and while I can't "sell" it right from the webinar, my CTA was my service welcome packet and I've had a bunch more signups for it already, even though there's a pretty hefty price tag on the service.”

- Emily Banks, emilybankscreative.com

Emily Banks's Webinar Rockstar Testimonial



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You will have instant access to all of the trainings and tutorials, so you can get started right away. Download your templates and start putting together your webinar within minutes.


Do your webinar live, do a happy dance, and continue to grow your business like crazy with the most fun (and profitable!) strategy you’ll ever implement in your business!

Please note, this is NOT a “lifetime access” program.

You will have access to the video lessons, PDFs, checklists, resources and trainings for as long as we run this program (we’ve been running it for over 3 years and have no plans to stop running it, but I want to be clear!). As long as we are actively running this program and enrolling students, you’ll have access to the program. We’ll let you know well in advance if we plan to change that! And of course, when you enroll you can download all the fill-in-the-blank templates.

So you’ll have access for the “lifetime of the program”, as long as this program is around!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We wholeheartedly believe Webinar Rockstar® is the best webinar program and resource on the planet, and have had hundreds of successful graduates. But we want you to feel confident in trying it out for yourself!

That's why we have a 100% Risk Free Guarantee. You can try Webinar Rockstar®, and if you aren't satisfied, just ask us for a full refund by within 14 days of purchasing.

If you do the work, put in your best effort, and feel that we haven’t delivered on Webinar Rockstar®, we will issue a 100% refund.

You can see our full refund policy here.