Are you ready to...

Stop hiding behind your blog

Stand out in your niche

Engage with your audience like never before

become an expert and sell effortlessly


Get famous, build your audience, perform live for your raving fans, and make MONEY. 


in just 30 days...

...all from doing webinars.

webinars COMPLETELY changed my business.

A few months ago, I felt unknown. I was putting out great content that I knew people wanted and needed, but I was not being seen or heard at the scale I wanted to be.

And to be honest, I was also not making the money I wanted to make because of that. 

I needed to get in front of more people, grow my email list, and start selling like a boss.


Within 30 days of doing my first webinar, I had generated $30k in product sales and grown my email list by thousands. These numbers continue to increase with every webinar I do.

WEbinars are the most scalable, profitable THing you can do for your business.

Now, I have raving fans who tell their friends about my products and content for me.

I have a network of amazing, influential friends and collaborators.

I can make more in an hour doing a webinar than most people make in a month with their regular marketing efforts.

My blog, my brand, and my business have taken off - all thanks to a strategic webinar strategy

And honestly? Doing webinars makes me feel like a rockstar in my business.

I have the recognition, the fame, the reputation,

the raving audience and the income of a rockstar.

I want you to be a rockstar in your business.

I want you to have the influence, grow your brand, connect with your fans like never before, and reap all the rewards.

That's why I created Webinar Rockstar

you can uplevel your business, brand or blog like a rockstar.


Need a payment plan? Get access now for 2 Payments of $200.

You will receive instant access to the live training, the tech tutorials, resources, bonuses and more!



6 Reasons you NEED To be doing webinarS, like, yesterday:

  • Grow your email list BIG TIME and QUICKLY (600 new subscribers in 48 hours? YES!)
  • You can sell like a BOSS on a webinar and the conversion rates are incredible (we’re talking up to 40% or HIGHER - This is unheard of in any other medium).
  • Build relationships with others in your industry. Meaning you now have relationships with the influencers, bloggers, and other top people in your niche.
  • You build your AUTHORITY - you will literally become THE go to person in your niche. When you do live events, you quickly become the most memorable person in a sea of sameness. 
  • Grow your BRAND and STAND OUT - everyone will recognize you and your brand from your signature, irresistible webinars and trainings.
  • Incredible engagement with your audience - live chat and Q & A is an awesome way to talk to and engage your audience, creating a legion of FANS FOR LIFE.


Webinar Rockstar™ is the only step-by-step masterclass that shows you exactly how to create, promote, and PROFIT from your own webinars (using real examples, real case studies, and real revenue numbers).


Are you ready to be SEEN?

You know you SHOULD be doing webinars - but you are feeling nervous, intimidated, overwhelmed by the tech side of it, and the pitching seems kind of scary too!

You know the top performers and entrepreneurs are using this medium - but you figure it’s complicated, expensive or you’re not ready. You figure you should “wait until you’re more established”. 

That’s why Webinar Rockstar™ gives you the TECH TRAINING, the CONFIDENCE, and the PERFECT PITCH OUTLINE so you can do webinars like a pro.

You are ready. Right now.

In 6 months, do you want to have a huge audience of raving, paying customers - or still be waiting to feel “ready”? I know which one I’d choose. 



I used to think that the idea of having an audience of raving fans was not possible for me. Those evangelical, frenzied, tell all their friends about you and your business fans and followers - I figured that only happened to special people. Big people. 

The type of audience that buys every single product you release, selling out your programs in hours, fans literally doing your marketing for you. 

Do you know how TO build an audience like that?


The only problem?

Figuring all this stuff out isn't exactly straightforward. The tech stuff, the marketing, the promotion, the transition from training to pitching - it can all seem overwhelming. I know when I decided to do my first webinar, I could not find a SINGLE good resource detailing all of the things I've figured out. I was so frustrated, I spent months perfecting this process and honing my webinar craft, and building the perfect resource for you.


During this intensive Masterclass, you will learn:


  • The three essential webinar pages and how to make them step by step
  • How to come up with killer webinar topics that spread like wildfire
  • The professional equipment you need for successful webinars, at DIY prices
  • How to set up all the tech stuff, even if you're not tech-y (like me!)
  • How to get over your shyness or camera fear (seriously, these strategies are foolproof!)
  • Why doing webinars alone can be a bad thing - and how to find the PERFECT co-presenters


  • How to promote your webinar (for list building AND selling - you'll get the full promotional calendar & checklist).
  • The platforms you need to promote on - and exactly what to say in each medium
  • How to make sure the right people show up for your webinar (people who are ready to buy)


  • The "Anatomy of a Webinar" minute-by-minute outline and breakdown
  • The unique way I'm doing webinars that are converting like crazy (break the rules, make more money)
  • The Profitable Pitch webinar outline you NEED, to make people buy your product on cue
  • Exactly what to share with people in the webinar content
  • Step-by-step walk throughs of my own webinars that have brought in $30k+ in 30 days (and more).
  • How to provide insane value to your audience while selling your products effortlessly


  • The post-webinar email sequence that will double or TRIPLE your webinar sales
  • How to double your email list with webinars
  • How to monetize your webinar recordings for passive income.
  • Exactly what to do after your webinar - this is the most critical step.

...and a lot more.


Need a payment plan? Get access now for 2 Payments of $200.

You will receive instant access to the live training, tech tutorials, resources, bonuses and more.


This intensive masterclass includes:

  • Tech Training: Step-by-Step tutorials of every single detail

  • Masterclass lessons on everything from promoting to pitching

  • The exact outline I use to give insane value to my fans, and sell the crap out of my products

  • ALL of my own pitches and slides for you to study

  • Case studies and all of the real numbers so you can see what REALLY works


  1. Behind the Scenes of FOUR Successful Webinars: See the analytics, the conversion rates, the revenue, and all the "behind the scenes" break downs of four webinars that brought in five figures at a time.
  2. "Steal Me" Swipe Copy: The exact emails I send out to get people to attend my webinars, and the absolutely ESSENTIAL post-webinar emails (worth thousands of dollars, these will double your sales).
  3. A copy of my most profitable webinar yet: the exact slides and must-have phrases to convert attendees into buyers.
  4. Templates and promo schedules: You'll know EXACTLY what to do and when to do it with these calendars, checklists, and additional resources.
  5. FIVE Pitches That Converted: You'll see the recordings of 5 pitches that converted into $2k, $7k, and $15k in sales (so you can study them and perfect your own pitch).
  6. And there will be a special guest expert TBA - this is hugely valuable!


  •  Your profitable webinar topic

  •  An outline for your webinar that engages, educates, and sells your product

  •  A LIVE webinar registration page

  •  A marketing plan to get people to your webinar and onto your email list

  •  Checklist and calendar for the week leading up to and day of your webinar


These strategies and techniques have made me 5-figures in revenue in a very short time and they have completely changed my business from blah to BOOM!

Webinars are now my NUMBER ONE marketing and sales channel.

They are more effective than blogging, guest posting, or any other "tactics" you may have tried before.

Want to make $5k in an hour? Webinars.

Want to add 750 new email subscribers to your list in 4 days? Webinars.

If you are tired of waiting around for your audience to grow, your brand to get famous, or your revenue to double, you need to join us for this masterclass event.


Let's get the internet buzzing about you and your brand.

Let's double your email list AND your revenue.

Let's grow your audience and create raving fans for life.

Let's make you a WEBINAR ROCKSTAR.

Need a payment plan? Get access now for 2 Payments of $200.

You will receive instant access to the live training, tech tutorials, resources, bonuses and more.





When you purchase, you will receive your unique log in and password to access the private course website.

You will have instant access to all of the trainings and tutorials, so you can get started right away (and have your first webinar set up ASAP!).

You'll get lifetime access to the material.

The course contains video lessons, PDFs, checklists and resources, tech trainings, and so much more!




Hi, I'm Mariah. I've been running my own online businesses for 6 years, doing everything from an online boutique, selling services and consulting, to creating sold-out-every-time programs and products. I've been blogging and business-ing for a long time - but I had NEVER come across such an effective, profitable, FUN way to make money until I started doing webinars. I've been called the "webinar queen", I've delivered webinars to many thousands of happy attendees and more than 50% of my income now comes from webinars and live trainings.

This workshop is super affordable. I know I "could" charge more - especially because these tactics have earned me more than $29,000 in just the first 30 days of implementing them. (And a steady $5k - $20k every WEEK since then). I know most people are charging $800 - $2,000 for this information.

But I really want this workshop to be available to as many people as possible. I truly believe webinars are changing how we build our audiences, how we market ourselves and our products. 

This live training will be available as a course afterwards, the price will increase and the LIVE bonuses will disappear.

This course is for people who are ready to become a rockstar in their business.